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I've been invited to get kicked out of another set of meetings.

Mom, discussing Santa Fe politics

Put the device in your mouth! Just suck on it with your bus!

Brad, talking to his Windows 2000 machine after it complained about an unsafe device removal.

They transferred me from the golf cart to the ambulance.

Eva, describing the circumstances of David's birth.

<RachelCheng> I was having a convo today:
<RachelCheng> "You know that guy in RDT who looks like a mouse"?
<RachelCheng> Instant recognition
<RachelCheng> End of story

Coworker at F5.

Jat (and Rudy)

Stable time loops are the basic control structure of Rudy

rudy performs all operations in O(-n) time

<_habnabit> rudy is pioneering the concept of 'skyscraper-level languages'
<Jat> rudy is a veritable space elevator in the world of computer programming
<Jat> rudy is a first class function
<Jat> everything in rudy is first class

"I'm not _Hab." "Why? Does he keep random electronics in his ass?" "No, but he could fit a couple in there."


"Robot love was unintentional." - re. Android smiley rendering of <3